Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Camping in Grayland

We went camping at Grayland State Park over the weekend (the first half of our spring break!). The park is aptly named, because it was most certainly gray, and rainy, and cold the entire time. However, that did not stop Jeff, Arlie, Rylie and Harrison from going clamming on Sunday morning. They came home with 18 razor clams, and Jeff covered head to toe in wet sand (always fun to try and remove from clothing!). Harrison, Arlie and Rylie spent the rest of the day in their driftwood fort, complete with an old sheet for flooring and snacks. Hayley and Hannah were content to watch movies (thank God for RV hookups!), read and snack the entire time. Bonus, there was no cell phone reception so the girls couldn't text the entire time! HAHA! On Saturday, Jeff dropped us off in Westport to shop while he took the little kids to do some geocaching, and the big girls and I had a blast kidding around with this very funny guy who was working at a kite shop. I spent most of my time cooking, then cleaning up from cooking, then cooking again, but it was actually fun, and we all got along in our small camper (two adults, five kids and three dogs!). I even let Shade sleep on my bed (yeah, I know, gross!). At the end of the trip everything was damp, sandy and generally "icky" - I think we were all relieved to get home and take a shower! But it was a great trip and we'll definitely go back.

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Mimi/Papa said...

I remember those days and thinking what fun we had...until you get older and you realize all that work...the cooking, cleaning, more cooking, etc...Nah! We'll take old age anyday. Next time if you camp near a hotel, we will join you!! haha But...no dogs in OUR beds!!