Saturday, April 12, 2008

Great Wolf Lodge!

We spent the last two nights at Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound, WA. This is about an hour and a half south of here, near Chehalis (for those of you who know where that is). It's a huge new resort (just opened a month ago) that is a "lodge" theme, which includes a huge indoor waterpark, arcade, spa and restaurants. We spent most of our time, of course, at the waterpark, where Harrison and Arlie rode the "Howlin' Tornado" 13 times! This slide is a four person raft that goes down a tube and drops you sharply into a huge funnel (some kids were calling it "the toilet"), where you slide back and forth crazily, then funnel into the tube again for the end! We did it at nighttime and it was SCARY!!! You could not see a thing. The park also had a wave pool, several other slides, and my favorite, the dumping bucket! I love to just stand and watch the 1,000 gallons of water fall, closing my eyes at the last possible second (yeah, I know, weird). Our room included a real log cabin right in the room, which was the "kid cabin suite". Harrison, Arlie and Hannah had beds in the cabin, Jeff and I had a nice queen bed and Hayley had the sofabed. We visited the arcade (think, lots of money for tokens, lots of tokens for tickets, and lots of tickets for a few cheap toys!). To end our stay, we visited the spa (while Jeff and Harrison hit the arcade again - Jeff calls it "baby gambling"). I had a massage, and Hayley, Hannah and Arlie had pedicures (Hannah and Arlie's were at "Scoops Kid Spa" where they got "ice cream flavored" pedicures). On our way home, we stopped by Cabela's, the ultimate toy store for the outdoorsy, hunter, redneck type. We purchased a few items for our new camper (pie irons), a new fishing pole for me, and, for Jeff, I could not resist picking up the mini shotgun lighter (cock the "gun" for the double barrelled "flame"). You might be a redneck............

So, that is about it for spring break. Hayley and Hannah have a big movie "date" planned w/ various friends tomorrow and Hayley is making me take her shopping (poor thing, doesn't have a thing to wear!). Next week's highlights - cheerleading tryouts and the Talent show!

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Sydney said...

Yay for Cheerleading tryouts! :) I loev reading about your adventures. Make sure you keep this updated for us all! I love you guys and miss you!