Monday, May 5, 2008

The computer gods love me!

I can't believe I finally got my pictures to upload! Wow! I think I need to change my layout, though. It's kind of weird. So, there are some photos of the latest happenings. The Variety Show went off without a hitch and Harrison did not lisp during his song (we practiced right before to see!). In fact, I got several emails afterward of people saying things like "your son has an amazing voice", "the next American Idol" and "don't make him stop at two minutes next time!" He really won them over. So, that was our Friday and then the weekend involved baseball/softball games. An amazing thing happened, too. The sun came out! I have an actual SUNBURN on my arms from sitting at the baseball game. Granted, it's that uber-sexy "farmer tan" type thing with the distinct "I was wearing a t-shirt" line, but STILL! It's evidence of sun in the Northwest and we were all starting to wonder. Sunday was a glorious day (that sounded a bit religious didn't it, and after all, it was Sunday!). I mentioned while driving to Arlie's game that we never go to church and we really should. I may have said something about "heathen sinners" to which Harrison replied "we're not sinners, we just don't go to church very often." So I said, "I bet you don't even know the Lord's prayer" and he replied (without missing a beat), "I trust in God, I love my country........." - the LITTLE LEAGUE PLEDGE! Lord's prayer indeed. That boy needs some churchin'! Jeff thought it was hysterical and said "Man, I'm right with you, my church is at a baseball diamond too!" That and the local fishin' hole. Speaking of which, Saturday morning Jeff took the kids fishing. Harrison sacrificed his pole to the bottom of the lake and they were unable to fish it out! He was inconsolable ("it was my Lucky Lion fishing pole and I caught my first fish with it!"). Jeff tried to go back and retrieve it, without luck. He did buy him a new pole and presented it to him Sunday morning. But they are still determined to go back and get the "lucky" pole out for posterity's sake. In other news, Jeff spent Sunday night and most of today at Grayland State park again, this time staying in a yurt with some friends and going razor clamming. He caught his limit in 15 minutes (that's one clam a minute!) and brought them home. I'm looking forward to some clam chowder but if you had to watch him clean them.........well, let's just say they are nasty creatures. I like my food all nice and clean and prepped and preferably from a top restaurant or grocery store. I'm not a snob! I'm not! Anyway, since it was Cinco de Mayo, I prepared a Mexican feast for dinner. Ok, I bought salsa, guacamole, chips and chicken tortilla soup at Safeway. But I sprinkled grated cheese on top! And put everything in my cute little dishes from Mexico! Ole! Y tambien, hablo espanol! Adios!

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