Friday, May 2, 2008


The orzo/turkey soup was crap. It was a Rachel Ray recipe, and frankly, pretty much every one of her recipes I've tried tasted bland and boring! I know Jeff has the hots for her, but her cooking leaves a lot to be desired!

Shocking news - yesterday afternoon it was sunny! Even Harrison said "hearing the lawnmowers running and smelling the outside right now reminds me of a nice, summer day when you just want to go outside with a good book and sit on the porch." Hmmm..........I'm pretty sure he has NEVER sat outside on the porch with a "good book" but I got his point. The ice cream man even came! (When it's above 50 in Seattle, the ice cream man starts making his rounds!).

In other stunning news, I asked Hannah to vacuum yesterday and she did! I mean, without complaining or anything. Red-letter day!

Tonight is the end of the Variety Show that never ends. We're finally running the second half of the show, barring any unforseen circumstances such as an earthquake or knife-wielding terrorist. At this point, I'd take on the terrorist just to get the damn show over with! Harrison is singing tonight. Unfortunately, he will be doing it without the aid of his two front teeth, which were pulled by the dentist on Wednesday. He will be thinging "Thee Will Be Loved" and it's thure to be thpectacular!


Sydney said...

Tho how did the thinging go? That is so funny! That sucks about your soup, but I agree about Rachel Ray's recipes. Sucks. Try Bobby Flay's page of crap on the Food Network website though. Holy yum!

Thanks for the biscuits recipe by the way!

Anonymous said...

haha...first Sydney writes about her adventure making chicken stock (which makes me wanna go right out and send her a case of Chicken and beef boulioun (However you spell it) and now you write about Rachel Ray ripping off the world with her bland recipes......Seems we need a cooking intervention....hahaha. I gotta see the "Thee will be loved" performance! Bring the tape when you come or send it to me on email. Can't wait to see ya!

Pitchin Princess said...

Yeah you figured out how to add pictures. I can't believe how much the kids have grown since I saw them last year. Hayley and Alyssa would get along great with the laptops and camping. Alyssa loved it when we would camp at places with internet access. And she died when we didn't get cell phone service.

Chase and I have a crush on Rachel Ray too, the few dishes of hers that I have made haven't been great. I just figured it was because I didn't follow her recipes completly. Maybe it is because her recipes really aren't that great.