Monday, May 12, 2008

Strict But Cool, That's How I Rule

The title comes from something I said to the kids whilst we enjoyed lunch at The Rock yesterday for Mother's day. The girls are constantly asking if they can have a My Space or a blog. I keep saying no. What do they need it for? More time on the computer? Please. They spend enough time already. So, they told me I was "strict" and that I needed to lengthen the leash, lest they become "rebellious" later (haha). I reminded them that their friends think I'm the coolest mom, so I might be "strict" but I'm also "cool". I'm happy with that middle ground.

Mother's day was great! I enjoyed Starbucks breakfast in bed, fetched by my husband, then stayed in bed until the kids arrived from their dad's. They came in bearing gifts - from Harrison, a nail set that included everything for a French manicure complete with "jewels" (I did my nails and Hayley called them my "hooker nails"), from Hannah a lovely bath set in pink grapefruit scent (yummy!) that came in a cute pink bag, from Hayley, a decorative sign from Fuego that says "If the Princess ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!" and a pack of gum that says "Does this gum make my ass look fat?" (hysterical! I love that store!). She also got me a box of Godiva chocolates. Arlie made me a darling stained glass hanging at school and a cute card that said "You should relax on Mother's day because you do soooooooooooooooo much housework!" From my wonderful husband, I got a Nikon D60 camera with all the accessories! I am SO excited about it, because I've wanted a really nice camera for so long and it even came with photography classes! I can't wait to try it out (the actual camera was sold out and arrives next week). All in all, a lovely day!

In other news, Arlie competed in her first track meet last Wednesday. She came in first in the 50 yard dash, first in the relay, and second in the ball kick! Wow, three ribbons to bring home on her first meet! I will attempt to attach a photo of this event.

Last Thursday, Harrison received the game ball at his baseball game! He made a beautiful hit along with some good plays and they beat their opponent. Not so much luck with the Mets this weekend! Win some, lose some........

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