Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Danger, Danger Young Will!

The adjacent photo shows what happens when you leave your flatiron on, sitting on the carpet! Yes, this is Hayley's latest shenanigan........after repeated warnings to NOT use the flatiron in her room or leave it on, EVER! As punishment, she will not get to use her flatiron for a week (much to her dismay and horror!), and if and when we need to "fix" this very dangerous mistake, it will come out of her pocket. In the meantime, she will just have to live with it and thank God that we didn't all burn up in the middle of the night! (She was conveniently at a sleepover so would not have perished by her own hand!). And this is the kid who has asked me if she can burn CANDLES in her room? I mean, a hot ceramic plate is one thing, an open flame entirely another. No, I like my house and I'd like to live here a lot longer. We all make mistakes, and this was a scary one. But perhaps something good will come out of it - perhaps she will learn to embrace her curly hair? In the meantime, heed this warning - do NOT allow your teenagers to use dangerous items such as hair enhancement products unsupervised!

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Sydney said...

Ok that really is scary! You should have her ask Aubrey about the dangers of flatirons! Third degree burns on the back of her thigh from accidentally sitting on hers. It was sick! Anyway, glad you're all still alive! Sheesh!