Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fashion Follows Function!

Just thought everyone would enjoy seeing how creative I have been with my cast. Most people would be happy to just leave their cast as is from the doctor, or perhaps wrap it in a generic ace bandage. I scoff at their unimaginative minds! In an attempt to look charming for a recent supper club event, I hit upon the genius idea of dragging out all those silky scarves I own and never wear and repurposing them into stylish cast covers! A-ha! My black silk scarf provided an elegant cover, matching my black blouse perfectly. And yesterday, I decided a punch of fun was in order. Although the day was dreary, I put on a pop of red color with my t-shirt and accessorized with a cheery cherry scarf (I even borrowed Arlie's cherry necklace for matching effect). I tell you, I'm a fashion genius. Enjoy!

1 comment:

Mimi/Papa said...

You haven't disappointed me one bit...coming up with your clever ways to decorate your cast! You'll miss it when it's gone so have fun while it lasts!! haha Love you!