Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Brewfest

Today is Father's Day and what better way to celebrate than attending the annual Brewfest in St. Edward's park? Anyone who knows Jeff knows he likes his beer, and so we joined our neighbors Jason and Amy and headed off with Abbie and Arlie in tow (the other kids were with their dad). For $15 we got a taster cup (plastic this year, not the usual glass - guess everything is getting cheaper!), and six tasting tokens. These allowed you to have a 4 oz. "taste" of various brews from all over the region. I tried three and like them in this order: ick, nasty, and ok. Needless to say, I handed my other tokens over to Jeff (and one to Arlie for the root beer garden, where she got a gross-tasting root beer that we dumped out in the grass). I'm not even sure what all Jeff tried, but there were definitely some weird combinations there. One guy came up to me and said "bacon beer - just smell it" so I did, and yep, it smelled like bacon bits. He said "it tastes just like it smells" and that went in the grass too. But some of the beers were actually good, or Jeff just enjoyed their effect (he's sleeping it off now!). The best part was it was SUNNY outside, which should not be such an anomoly on June 15th, but sadly, around here, we have not seen the sun in ages. So, I include some photos of our day. Happy Father's Day to all!

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