Monday, June 2, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Ok, it's been a while since I posted. Mainly because I wanted to include photos from my new camera and so in order to download the software, I had to get my computer a little "check-up" (Thanks, Jason!). So, we went to Arizona for Memorial Day weekend. We took an early morning flight on Saturday so ended up being tired and napping mid-day! The weather kind of sucked anyway, it was actually raining when we arrived! But we did go out to have Greek food for lunch and Italian food for dinner! Yum! Sunday we went to Lake Pleasant. It was an ok lake - not nearly as picturesque as lakes in WA because there's simply very little green - lots of dust, rocks and brown! The lake looked like a fun place but we didn't do much "recreating", instead eating lunch at the visitor's center and spending the rest of our time driving around and waiting around while my dad made connections (he's got himself a job there this summer!). Sunday night Kyle came back from Ohio and Jeff made dinner for everyone. Monday it was beautiful, but I woke up sick as a dog (food poisoning? stomach flu?) and spent the entire day in bed! Jeff, my mom, and dad spent the day getting ready for a BBQ that evening. Around 5 p.m. I dragged myself to the pool to make an appearance (looking, for all the world, I'm certain, like death warmed over). Food was definitely not on my agenda, which was too bad, because Jeff had cooked up a bunch of cedar plank salmon. Tuesday, since I had missed out on the sun and fun Monday, and it was our last day, we spent the whole day at the pool. We didn't exactly come back with gleaming tans, but we at least got to enjoy some Arizona sunshine.

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