Tuesday, June 3, 2008


So, it's Tuesday. Nothing too exciting about that. I get to go be "recess lady" at the kids' school. Oh joy - better because it's RAINING here like crazy so that should make for a pleasant time enjoyed by all.

We watched two movies this weekend - I am Legend, which was SO stupid (some good special effects, but really lame storyline), and 27 Dresses, which was cute but so predictable (oh, which guy will she end up with?). Neither really worth two hours of my valuable time!

I am reading "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer (weird she puts an "e" in there where most people put an "a"). Anyway, she's this Mormon housewife w/ three kids who says the idea for this book came to her in a dream. Now she's written three in the series, plus another "adult" book and her fourth series book comes out in August. These books are all the rage amongst the teen set here in the Seattle area, so I decided to find out what it's all about. I'm only on chapter 2 but so far the writing is just ok. After reading these books, Hayley said I should write a book. Yeah, tell me about it. That's the frustrating part - reading a book and saying "I could write this - or better!". But there are so many great authors out there, too. Amazing books the likes of which I could never imagine writing. And where to start anyway? I have so many stories to tell.

We have one more regular season baseball game for Harrison (tonight, which will probably be rained out!) and then playoffs this weekend (which I'm going to miss because I'll be in Idaho at Justine's graduation). For Arlie, we are already in playoffs, with our next game tomorrow. If we lose that one, I think we play one more and then we're done. I'm ready for it all to be over! But now Jeff's just started his adult co-ed recreational team, so that's a game every Monday night for the next 8 weeks or so.

Ok, I'm going to go drink my green tea now. I actually decided NOT to go to Starbucks this morning on my way back from an appt. but came home, ate my high-fiber cereal and now my green tea! And I worked out before 8 a.m. Whew. All this healthy shit really takes a lot out of you. I should have a cupcake to get over it.

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