Thursday, July 3, 2008

Big F-ing Deal! Jeff turns 40!

I got Jeff a card today that said something along the lines of "Fun, Fabulous, Fantastic.........apparently turning 40 is a big f-ing deal!" First, minutes after I woke to greet him and wish him happy birthday, we had the "dog incident" (see last post). That sent Jeff rushing to get dressed and rush to the vet, even before he had seen his presents. Then, when he got back, we did the "present thing" and he went to work. There, they got him a pizza lunch (we also had pizza for dinner at his party!) and a few "happy birthdays". After work, we had a little party with some neighbors. He got lots of wine, cards and an REI gift card. The beer was flowing freely (in iced beer glasses no less - it's real classy around here!) and I noticed later in the evening, Jeff had moved on to Coke and..........something? Rum? Anyway, he got good and pickled and was sleeping it all off by 11. I think he's taking 40 pretty hard. But he says he's "recommitted" to living a healthy life (this after hurting his knee playing soccer, his elbow playing softball, falling off his bike - twice - and finding out his cholesteral is on the high side). You go, Jeff! I say it's about time he joined us 40 (and up) year olds!

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