Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mommie Dearest!

Ok, so today I did something horrible. I forgot to pick up Arlie from soccer camp!! I looked at the clock at 1:15 and thought "oh, I need to leave in a few minutes to pick up Arlie" and then promptly set to doing "stuff" at my desk and then casually wandered into the kitchen where Hannah saw me and said "What time does Arlie get home?" In a panic, I looked at the clock, and realized it was already 2:00 p.m.! I dashed out the door, wondering why I had not received a call from the camp saying come and pick your kid up already. Well, when I arrived, Arlie was just kicking her soccer ball around the field. A few other kids were milling around, a few parents chatted and the coaches were having a meeting on the lower field. So, it's not like she was abandoned completely with no adult supervision.......but.........she did tell me she had started crying and not one adult had asked her if she needed help or what was wrong! I asked her why didn't she ask the coaches to use a cell phone to call me and she said she didn't want to interrupt their meeting. I felt SO horrible.......what a bad mom! I asked her if she would forgive me for being such an idiot! I've never forgotten my kids before.......well, ok there was the ONE time where I kind of forgot to pick them up at school and my friend called me and said did they need a ride. I was only ten minutes late, but again, I was doing busy work at my desk and got distracted. I guess it's not as bad as leaving my baby on top of the car in it's carseat, or forgetting to pick Arlie up at the airport, but I still felt like a dork. This might be a good argument for a cell phone for my ten year old, right? Guess this is why they call us "wicked stepmothers!"


Mimi/Papa said...

you are the best "stepmother" we've ever seen, and we have seen quite a few in our lives! You win hands down in every department that a child would ever need. Arlie will "forgive" you but expect her to linger this one on for a while! ahha It was a minor blip in an otherwise very great family that you have! Enjoy it and just keep an eye on the clock from now on!!! hahaha Love you...Mom and Dad

Sydney said...

I just found out yesterday that all of my siblings are now the proud owners of cell phones... I guess it makes sense that if you have more than two kids, they should probably have "you forgot me again" devices.