Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yoga, dark roots and other thoughts.........

Today I went to yoga, which I LOVE and is truly the only exercise I'll give up a morning of sleeping in for. When the class was over, one of the women asked "does yoga ever make you cry?" The instructor replied with "oh, yes..." and proceeded to explain about "muscle memory" and "pent up emotions" blah, blah, blah. I'm all for the idea of that and everything, but I have to say yoga has never made me cry. Oh, I've thought about shedding a few tears when I have to hold a downward dog for five breaths (she always does more than five, totally faking us out), or when I have to do that stupid pigeon pose that makes me feel like I might, in fact, permanently dislocate my hip. And perhaps I've even gotten misty-eyed over the fact that I can't make it to coffee after yoga (thus violating my "no pastry left behind" rule). But if I ever cried during yoga, I'm likely to be crying tears of joy over having an hour to myself, and ending it with that ever-blissful "corpse" pose which I'd like to stay in all day sometimes. I wonder if it would be in bad taste to just stay in corpse for the whole class?

Anyway, I then got coffee on my way home, which I promptly spilled on my shirt. Also, I had pigtails in during yoga which I took out after class. So, imagine how stunning I looked - all poofy hair, coffee-stained shirt, yoga-pant-wearing, tacky flip-flops on feet. But I was only going to the thrift store anyway, so who cares? Except I saw someone I know there. But how embarassed can you be when you run into someone at the thrift store (oh, you shop here too? I'm just getting a few things for my camper. Yeah right). Anyway, I LOVE shopping at this tacky little thrift store. It's like a treasure hunt every day. I could just stare at the books for hours. In fact, the book I'm currently reading came from there. I picked up another one today. It's my little guilty pleasure. Hey, some women buy expensive shoes. Shut up.

So, I came home and dyed my roots. I hate grey hair! What is the deal with that? I got my first one when I was 17 so that's a pretty unfair lot, don't you think? And now I've got that grey temple thing going on usually just a week after I spend $65 getting my hair professionally done. So, in between I have to go with the $6.99 Nice and Easy root color. Jeff calls it Nice and Sleazy. Whatever. At least I try to look my age (wait, I'm 40.......). Anyway, thanks, Dad, for this gene. Grey hair is only sexy on men.

And while I'm at it, damn all of you who didn't tell me how sucky it is to have a teenager! Why are they so mean? Why are they so dramatic? Why can't they just be happy? Actually MY teen will read this blog, so here's a message - snap out of it, Hayley! Life is good. People are good. Only you can change your attitude. There.

I have to go prepare dinner now. Or get it started. Or something. I don't know - Jeff started this dinner last night because I'm having my friend over. And now I have to finish it because he has a meeting (damn meeting!). Last night he made the BEST dinner of BBQ rubbed cedar planked salmon, roasted new potatoes and spinach salad w/ peaches. YUM! I love it when he makes us a nice dinner - it's like eating out only better! I'm so glad I have a good husband who likes to cook. What a lucky girl!

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Mimi/Papa said...

Even though we never comment on the blog, we LOVE reading it and we check everyday for a new one!!

Love all of you!! Mimi and Papa