Saturday, August 2, 2008


So, we've had my niece Flower visiting this week and she is a riot! The photo is of her on "crazy hair day" at camp (she achieved this look using water bottles - genius!). Her sense of humor kept us laughing all week. When Shade (the most vocal of our dogs) was whining at the door she looked up and said "What's that, boy? Timmy's in the well?" We laughed so hard and that will definitely go down as one of our favorite lines now. She does have some dorky qualities, though. For example, she seems unable to handle a drink in a normal glass. I was about to break out the sippy cups with "no spill" lids! Even when she was enjoying a shaved ice at the neighbor's house, she managed to drop her spoon on the floor, complete with a blob of shaved ice! And she especially enjoyed our broken water dispenser on the fridge! More than once she got doused with a jet-stream of water, soaking the floor in the process. Oh, we had a good laugh at that (over and over again). She even surreptiously filmed our arguments with her cell phone (which, I have to say, she uses even more than Hayley, which I never thought possible!). And she ate all the "retarded" M&M's that I threw at her. What a kid!


Mimi/Papa said...

I don't even know why that kid would say that "Timmy's in the well?" but I am still laughing here! I wondered what Papa was laughing at when he was in here on the computer and that was it!!! How did she do this hair thing with WATER bottles???? Does she have cup holders under the hair embedded in her scalp??? ha Love you guys!! Mimi and Papa

Sydney said...

Oh I can't wait to see my Flower! And everyone else!!!! Stu and I were so eager we actually called our airlines today to see if we could leave tomorrow night instead of the following night just to get there earlier. (They said no... kaden has to have paper tickets.) See you soon!