Monday, August 4, 2008

Granite Falls, Verlot, and Bigfoot!

Today was a long day, full of adventures we didn't even know we were going to have! Not knowing what the day would hold, and always being one to be prepared (I should have been a Boy Scout, damn it!), I packed the car with beach towels, noodle floats, fishing gear, beach chairs, and a special backpack for Harrison that included all the essentials he might need for hunting Bigfoot. Yes, our day's singular goal was to go out and hunt Bigfoot - well, that was the goal for Deven and Harrison......the rest of us were along for the ride. We headed up to Granite Falls and stopped at a pizza and pasta joint for lunch, and stopped at the hardware store for some foam to take imprints of Bigfoot's footprints. Then, we headed up to Verlot and beyond to see the old Pilchuck cabin, and ended at the Ice Caves. That's where the Bigfoot hunt started. Harrison and Deven had spent the morning preparing for the hunt by downloading and memorizing all of Bigfoot's roars (surprised, angry, scared). They headed off with their pack and we took a walk to take nature photos. Some evidence was found (flattened grass, snapped trees), but alas, no Bigfoot photos or sightings. However, at Green Gables grocery on the way home, Deven did find a scale version of Bigfoot, complete with "stamping feet" so the day was not a total loss! After that, we stopped at the river for some fishing and wading. No Bigfoot there either! Finally we stopped to pick up Flower and headed to Lake Bosworth for some more fishing. No Bigfoot, and no fish! But we had fun and made our way home around 10 p.m. where we had cereal for dinner and everyone headed off to bed (except for yours truly, the blogger!). Enjoy the photos!

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Anonymous said...

Those names sound familiar.....were you up north of Everett where Marcia used to live back in the day?? We (Mom, Dad, Me, Trent and a VERY prego Marcia) were floating in that river 2 days before Flower was born.....I remember that day like yesterday..very cool to be there when Flower was born.