Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pig Pickin'

We traveled to Coeur d' Alene, ID last weekend to attend my sister's annual "pig pickin'" celebration. I'll add some photos so all can see what a pig pickin' is but it's basically "grilling" a whole pig over an open fire for many hours (overnight) resulting in the most delicious pork you've ever tasted! It's really unique, one of a kind and like nothing you've ever had before. Of course, it takes many guests to devour a whole pig (and that never happens - lots of leftovers!). Guests bring side dishes and my sister fries up some hush puppies and it's all a big, delicious feast. It's been a family tradition for decades now, and it's nice to see it go on and have the "pig cooking talents" handed down to the younger generations. This year, Harrison got to go along to pick up the pig, helped with getting it started and "fired" it twice. Hopefully the photos I've included will give a taste of what a pig pickin' is like.

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