Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Dollar Store

So, I went to the dollar store yesterday. Actually, our dollar store is a $1.29 store. Yes, that's right, the economy has gone to hell in a handbasket when a store called "Dollar City" has no items in it that actually cost a dollar. But that's another story. There is a sign on the door that clearly states that all items are $1.29 unless otherwise posted. Well, this crazy lady came into the store. I say crazy because, well, she WAS, but she also looked crazy - you know, kind of bag-lady-ish with unkempt hair, Jackie-O sunglasses and that bright red lipstick that cracks and cakes so that you can see each actual line in her lips? I hope I've painted an adequate picture. Anyway, this lady starts asking the store's proprieter "how much is this?" on each item she picks up. The owner points to the sign and reiterates the cost. But the lady continues. She moves on to the makeup aisle and asks "where are your makeup samples?" I tried not to let my laugh be too audible. Makeup samples? Where did she think she was - the cosmetics counter at Nordstrom? The owner explained that there were no samples. So, the lady continues to badger the owner (who, by the way, barely speaks English) and asks her opinion on all the lipstick colors as she holds them up to her lips. Now, judging by the horrific lipstick job she was sporting, what would it matter really? Orange, red, pinkish, it's all clown makeup on you, lady! She finally left, but not before frantically touching and examining every item near the door, asking loudly "do you have those cotton shoes?" and finally leaving without making a purchase. I was relieved and gratefully paid for my assortment of $1.29 items. It takes all kinds..............

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