Monday, September 22, 2008

Driving with Hayley

Tonight Hayley and I went on our first "practice drive" for driver's ed. This was the first time Hayley has ever been behind the wheel of a car (despite being in driver's ed for three weeks). So, naturally, I was a little apprehensive and wisely took her to an empty parking lot to practice. Her first try at pushing the gas about put us over the curb and into the bushes, but after that, she got pretty smooth. We practiced going around and around the parking lot, driving straight, making turns and parking. A few times I worried we'd jump the curb and I was really glad there were no cars in the parking spaces, but for the most part, her first time out was a success. I drove back home, but stopped in a nearby neighborhood to give her some practice. Besides driving IN the gutter a few times, she did pretty good there, too, and even parked the car in the driveway without going through the garage! I admit, it was pretty scary (and now I know why those driver's ed instructors have their own brake), but it was a start. I definitely don't think she's ready for the road yet (plus she is not on my insurance yet), but she has her first real driving lesson for her class on Friday. The idea of her driving on the street scares me. Guess that's why it's better left up to the professionals. But parents are supposed to be giving their teens two hours a week of driving practice! Gasp! I don't know how we're going to fit that in, with everything else. Not to mention how my heart will handle it!


Anonymous said...

Two posts ago, you said you only had 2o minutes to yourself in day..add that up over 7 days, there's your two hours of driving guess what....You have zero time to yourself....may want to revise that post! hahaha. I learned to drive on the golf cart, a good byproduct of going golfing with dad and spending those countless hours on the course!

Pitchin Princess said...

When Alyssa had her permit the first few times out were kind of scarey. But the good thing was when she had her permit she was on on insurance but the rate didn't increase until she was actually a licensed driver, if I wouldn't have had to ride with her all the time I would have just kept her a a permit driver and never let her get her license (much cheaper). So call your insurance company before you let her behind the wheel again so you don't have any surprises.

And it will get better the more you let her drive, we did parking lots for about 2 weeks until she got really comfortable with the gas and break. Just think how great of a help it will be once she has her license and can help you out with the errands and running kids to and fro.

Anonymous said...

You want to hear somrthing REALLY scary? Hayden was in drivers Ed ONE day and he was driving the next. The instructor took him out for an hour on the second day of class! Hayden is only 14 1/2 but here in backwoods Idaho, kids can get their liscence for daytime driving at 15. (We won't be doing that.) I almost had a heart attack when he told me! He had his "practice" test for graduating from drivers Ed yesterday and got a 94%. He said he wants to get 100%on his final test (I think I would like that too :-))

Sydney said...

Way to go brother! But I remember when I learned how to drive was also when I learned how to drive a stick because my Dad decided it was important. While going backwards to turn around on the street, I kept getting confused about the brake/clutch thing and I plowed into the huge snow burms that were piled up on the side of the road at least 4 times... Dad wasn't pleased, lol.