Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Husband is so generous!!

I believe I must print a retraction. In light of my post "How cheap is my husband?" I received several comments, mostly favorable. However, my husband actually read this post today and felt I gave him a bum rap (but he also reminded me of some of his other "cheap" habits like recycling clothes - for example, wearing the same pair of biking shorts for two years, yes YEARS, before he realized they could be washed! Read the tag, genius!). Anyway, he pointed out the many ways in which he is also very generous and I promised him I would print a retraction of sorts (actually, I don't "retract" what I said, because it's all true, but perhaps this could be seen as the editorial section?). For example, one Mother's day he gave me a laptop computer! The next Mother's day he gave me my coveted Nikon D60 digital camera. For my 40th birthday he took me to a fancy hotel and spa. For my 39th, to Teatro Zinzanni, a wonderful dinner show. One October weekend he surprised me with a plane ticket and a weekend away to visit my sister and when I got back, he had furnished our room with new furniture, bedding and art! I was led up the stairs on a trail of rose petals and met with a candle-lit, brand-new bedroom! Sounds romantic? You bet your sweet patootie! There are many more of those stories (but I won't bore you with the details, or make you jealous!). So, I guess using that sliver of deodorant that fell on the floor was done with the best of intentions. Maybe he was saving up to buy me a mocha? I love you, Jeff!


Mimi/Papa said...

I now understand why Jeff is so thrifty....he has to save every penny he can just to buy you all those wonderful things/gifts/treats that he's given you in the short time you've been married! You are very lucky, I think! I remember once when your dad was "surprising" me and took me to the Orcas Islands. Everything went very well until he drove off to the wrong island...oh well, some are luckier than others. Some husbands check and re-check to make it all come together for a nice time...haha

Sydney said...

That's so sweet. I should force Stu to read your blog with a pen and pad of paper handy for ideas! :)

While we're sharing good-huband times... I got a picnic at "our spot" (out on the Snake River in a canyon) when he proposed. It was very romantical. hehe.

Jeff said...

I don't wait years to wash my bike shorts! Maybe the rain gear waited years to be washed because I didn't want them to loose their water resistance. It isn't that bad. Anyway, thanks for the retraction. I love you too!