Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Second Anniversary!!

Today is our second anniversary! Jeff, in true romantic form, actually researched "second anniversaries" and found out that it's the year of cotton, the color is red, the gem is garnet and the flower is cosmos. So, he presented me with a gift of red dish towels, a red t-shirt, a white t-shirt, and a garnet necklace and earrings to match ("don't worry" he said "it's cheap jewelry"). All of this was presented with a card in a red envelope ("I stole it off another card, because this one had a blue envelope"), wrapped up in a red bag with red tissue paper. So sweet and thoughtful. I was really impressed that he actually put some research and thought into this anniversary. On the flip side, I had absolutely nothing planned, not even a card (who's cheap now?). And to top it off, I ended up staying home with Arlie who was quite sick. So, I took advantage of having to go to the grocery store to pick up her prescription and bought ingredients to make lasagne, garlic bread, salad and brownies for dinner/dessert. Oh, and a card! And for a "gift"? Well, in keeping with the "red" theme I chose to take him to Red Hook brewery for dinner and live music on Saturday night. That's the kind of "red" my husband will like! Anyway, it seems like a lot longer than two years that we've been married, but we both agreed it's still fun, we're still in love and we still find new things every day to admire about each other. Who can complain about that? Happy Anniversary to us! (Oh, the photo is of our engagement! Taken after Jeff did his first Olympic distance triathlon. He hid the ring in his bag the whole time and asked me to marry him at the finish line!)

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Pitchin Princess said...

Happy Anniversary about a week late.