Saturday, September 27, 2008

Soccer Star!!

Today Harrison played soccer like a champ. He's always been in there, lending a hand to help the team out, listening to coaches, generally being a good player and teammate. But last week he spent a while outside with Jeff and Arlie and Jeff gave them some tips. He coached them in some techniques and tricks and they really paid off in today's game! Harrison used the "touch and roll the ball back" trick several times during the game and it made a huge difference in how the game went after. Their team won 4-1 and two parents came up to me commenting on how well Harrison played the game today. After the game, even a few of his teammates congratulated him. He smiled and told them "Jeff taught me a trick!" I could tell Jeff got a little glow of fatherly pride. And why not? A half hour of kicking the ball around with the kids paid off big time today and Harrison was like a whole new player. Way to go buddy!!

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Mimi/Papa said...

Way to go HARRISON!!! We are so happy to hear you were such a "star" today for your soccer team! You are doing great....keep up the good work, Buddy!!! We love you and root for you even though we aren't there!

Love...Mimi and Papa