Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday and stuff

So, today I made it to yoga - yay! I hate it when I miss, but I've missed a few times because I had to work (stupid work gets in the way of everything!). I LOVE my yoga class..........but today was sad because we found out my idol, 83-year-old Myrtis suffered a stroke. This woman came to yoga faithfully and also still went roller skating once a week at her age! Amazing. She was incredible and I hope she recovers.

In other sad news, one of Jeff's Toastmaster group friends had a terrible tragedy. His 15 month old son suffocated under their "Love Sac"- a large beanbag (about 60 lbs.) The baby had awakened in the morning and somehow got himself under the bean bag and suffocated. His dad discovered him when he was leaving for work. This family has four boys and a baby girl on the way in just days. The funeral is Saturday. It's so tragic, and I guess, a warning too - beanbags can be deadly! I worried about Kaden and his being near that age. Do NOT let your babies play around bean bags, especially ones that are heavier than them. I'm sure no one would ever have thought something like this could happen. But it did, and it's just so sad. I didn't know the family, but just weeks ago, Jeff attended a barbeque where he played with all the little boys, so he knew and remembered this baby. So sad.........

Let's see if I have anything that's NOT sad today. (Oh, and it's rainy, gray and drizzly just for effect). Hmmm........since this is kind of a downer post, how about a list of things I don't like? Here we go.........when you put your tortilla in the microwave and it gets so tough to cut with a fork that you almost need a hacksaw (that actually just happened to me), when your dog poops in the house (also just happened), finding out your daughter's braces and orthodontic treatment will cost $4000 and you need $920 of it by early October (yeah, that happened too), having your kids say you don't have a "real job" (yesterday), aparagus (just thought I'd throw that in), when you have a little rock in your shoe, but no really good spot to sit down and take your shoe off and shake it out, so you walk around with the little rock in your shoe and it drives you nuts (today), soccer practice in the rain (I'm still praying for a "no practice" call on this one), and dust (where does it come from? why is it everywhere?). Ok, that's a good enough list.

I'm so excited because two of my "shows" are premiering tonight - Grey's Anatomy and ER. Those, plus Desperate Housewives are the only shows I watch regularly. I actually love TV and all the shows but never really have time to watch it. So, I stick to those three. I'm not much of a TV watcher, but watching these shows is kind of like "date night" for me and Jeff so it's nice.

I'm craving these peanut butter cookies I made last week. They are so quick and easy and delicious (I ate WAY too many, but I'm going to make some more anyway). Here is the recipe for anyone who's interested:
1 cup peanut butter (I used chunky)
1 cup sugar
1 egg
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 cup chocolate chips
Mix everything together and drop by rounded tablespoons onto ungreased cookie sheets. Bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes. So yummy. They are chocolaty, peanut buttery and chewy. I doubled the recipe.

I should go change my photos. The old ones have been up there long enough. However, I'm getting a notice that there will be a scheduled outage at 4 p.m. whatever that means. So, I guess my blogging time is limited today.

Prayers for Myrtis and baby Evan.

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Sydney said...

Ok saddest post ever! I am still so paranoid about Kaden getting hurt badly or dying. When he was first born I really thought I was going crazy because I would have dreams about him dying all the time. Now I still worry. The other day he's managed to reach up WAY past his crib and get the cord to the blinds that we keep tucked behind a mirror (so he can't reach it, duh) and I went in his room and he was in it! So today when he slept for like a 3 hour nap I kept being terrified that he was trying to hang himself! Sigh. It is just awful when parents lose their children. I can't think of anything worse in the world. My heart goes out to them.

I can't wait to try your cookie recipe btw. Hope things suck less for the next post! I love you all!