Saturday, October 25, 2008


What is it about guys and their hair? Harrison LOVED his long, shaggy, 'do. But I couldn't stand to see him peering through his LONG bangs anymore so last week I decided to cut his bangs. And then I thought, I'll just cut a little off the back. And then a little off the sides. And before I knew it, I had given him the classic "Dutch-Boy" bowl-shaped hairstyle! OMG! Poor kid. I tried to masquerade it as a cool haircut by putting in a little gel, but how can you hide the Dutch Boy really? So, the next day after school (after begging my hairdresser on the phone) I took him in for an overhaul. Fifteen minutes later, Marie had worked her magic. I know I posted about this before but now I have photos to compare. I will never cut my kids' hair again. NEVER. Mark my words.

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Sydney said...

I win on this one. My son has an official mullet right now since he HATES getting his hair cut, so I have to wrestle him while he's already in the tub and somewhat distracted. So he let me cut the sides some (while he moved the whole times causing WAY too much hair removal) but screamed bloody murder when I attempted to start the back, so it is still shaggy back there and too short of the sides. Mullet. Awful.