Thursday, October 30, 2008

Level Three!!!

Arlie started gymnastics a few weeks ago. She has always shown an affinity for gymnastics, we just never seemed to be able to fit it in our schedule. Finally, this year we decided to go for it, despite the soccer season looming. She started in the first class - Level One. After one lesson, the instructor moved her up to Level Two. After just four more classes, yesterday she was moved up to Level Three (pre-team). The instructor said she would be competing by next fall for sure!Arlie was so excited she was literally shaking for an hour! We are so proud of her - she's very dedicated and tries her best all the time. She's moving up to an hour and a half lesson every week. I've heard this can get pretty involved, up to three hours of practice several times a week if we continue to move along. That sounds pretty daunting right now, but we'll take it one step at a time. Perhaps we have a future Olympian on our hands? Or at least a scholarship recepient! (Fingers crossed!).

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Tonya said...

Way to go Arlie!!! You're a natural!