Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Let me start this post by telling you a remarkable fact. I have never been in a car accident. Well, let me clarify that. I have never been in a car accident when I was driving. And I've only been in a couple of minor accidents in a car where someone else was driving. Beyond that, I have never put a dent or scratch in any car I've driven. Until 2007 when we got our new Toyota Sienna minivan. Not a month after we got it, I was backing up at work, and backed it right into a concrete divider outside the school parking lot. The damage was minor, but noticeable - a scratch on the driver's side in the back and the (plastic!) bumper had come loose. I just snapped the bumper back on and we decided to live with the scratch. Fast forward to yesterday. I picked Hayley up at school and she was driving to an appointment. After meandering through some construction, she slowed to take a right hand turn. The driver behind her was going straight and apparently did not notice that she had slowed down. WHAM! He rear-ended us. Luckily no one was hurt (although tonight Hayley is complaining of neck pain and dizziness!) but it rattled our nerves and caused us an hour of stress we could have otherwise done without. Poor Hayley, not even driving a month and already experienced her first accident. Hopefully this will be the last! And luckily it was not her who hit someone! My car has damage to the tailgate, bumper and rear quarter panel, so I'm sure repairs will be costly. It appears the other driver's insurance will cover it, so hopefully we won't have a huge repair bill on our hands. We're still working out the details, but it was an interesting afternoon. Which ended with me having a throbbing headache and a nice alcoholic drink with my neighbor later in the evening! Whew.


Mimi/Papa said...

Did you teach Hayley how to bolt out of the car, grab this asshole by the nape of his neck and yell in his face, "What the F do you think you are doing, you idiot???" You didn't??? Boy, Mary-Leah, you know how to yell at other drivers (I'm a witness), and you really need to teach her these helpful techniques!!! LOLOL Mom

Pitchin Princess said...

Poor Hayley. I hope it didn't shake her up too much that she doesn't want to drive anymore.

Sydney said...

I hope you both feel better tomorrow! That is kind of scary and neck injuries can be dangerous! If you're having pain in the morning, get it check out! I love you guys and I'm glad you were both ok! Poor Hayley. Accidents suck no matter what.

MAMMA said...

Hayley should thank her lucky stars she is only on a permit when this happened, otherwise if it was her fault or not, many insurance companies will raise the rates. They are sneaky and wait until the next billing cycle and raise it enough that you don't notice it unless you watch the bill closely. Also, don't wait until a month has gone by before you get the neck checked out! Many neck injuries do not show up for a month or more and if you don't get it on record then there is no fallback for a claim. Even if you think it is nothing (lets hope it IS nothing) a check out is worth it! (usually covered by the other persons insurance) Poor Hayley! Hayden starts driving with his permit next week - I sure hope this is something he doesn't have to experience!!
Love, M2
P.S. I'm with Mom on the ass kickin' lesson!! :-)