Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pan de Muertos

Hayley is in second year Spanish this year and for extra credit last night she made pan de muertos (a 3 hour process!). Today is "El Dia de Los Muertos" - a Mexican holiday meaning "day of the dead". So, she brought home a recipe for pan de muertos and went to work on it around 7 p.m.! It turned out great (basically a braided bread topped with "bones" of bread and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar). This morning I whipped up some Mexican hot chocolate for her to take along with it to school for their celebration. This was Hayley's first attempt at bread! A lot of her baking efforts haven't been so successful (like the time she used powdered sugar instead of flour in a cookie recipe!). But this one was good. I failed to get a photo of the actual bread after it was baked, but I did catch come great ones of Hayley (the flour on the face was added for comic effect!).


Sydney said...

Go Hayley! Ummm...... how did you take such tall-looking pictures???

Mary-Leah said...

I stood on a stepstool! Duh. HAHA!