Sunday, October 26, 2008

What's My Name??

I've always secretly enjoyed hearing people massacre my name. It's really not that hard "Mary-Leah". It's hyphenated, yes. But is that such a hard thing? I remember once I had to spell my name when I was opening a bank account. I said "M-a-r-y-hyphen-capital L-e-a-h" and when I received my first statement it came to "Mary'Leah Bryson". Apparently the bank teller didn't know what a hyphen was! Another time I had to say my name over the phone. When I received the mailing I had to provide my name for, it came to "Mary Lee O'Gordon". I really enjoyed that one! Top of the mornin' to ya! Once when Jeff said my name to someone they replied "Oh, is she Hawaiian?". Aloha. Mahalo. Molokai. Kauai, Maui, Mary-Leah. Yep, that makes sense. Now that I'm Mary-Leah Moore, people constantly ask me to spell my last name. Moore? Really? How many ways can you spell "Moore" in a last-name context? Today, however, was the prize winner. I received a coupon from Bath and Body Works in the mail. It came to.......Maryjo P. Gordon. What the hell? I'm not even sure how you could get that from Mary-Leah Gordon (which means they've had my name for a long time, since I've been a Moore for over two years). Yes, it's funny my name. Sometimes I get mail to "Mary Moore" which makes me laugh because that's my aunt's name. I used to get mail for "Mary Bryson" which was my grandma's name. I can't even put my name down on a restaurant waiting list without it getting mangled. And you should see the stares when they say "Name please?" and I say "Jeff". I mean, it's easier. Not exactly gender neutral, but easier. Maybe I should just start going by "M". You know, in that sort of one name, celebrity, mysterious kind of way. Just "M". I like it! I've taken to signing my emails "M-L" in the past few years. And sometimes people will call me "M-L". I don't mind that. It's better than Maryjo P. Gordon. By a long shot!


Mimi/Papa said...

You left out Aunt MO!!!

Sydney said...

Yeah I solved this issue for you DECADES ago! Haha. Everyone who knows you that I know just calls you "Mo" since I do! Lol But you think people asking you how to spell Moore is gay, try having the last name of "Fox"... When they ask to Spell it, I almost always say, "F as in 'foxtrot'..." hehe. When I talked to a lady on the phone the other day she thought it was perfect reasonable to ask me how to spell my last name, but then sighed in annoyance when I asked her how to spell "Dunsmuir" (as in California) for an address she was giving me!

Pitchin Princess said...

CheyAnn has the same problems you do and she is already frustrated and she is only 6. She asked me the other day why I spelled her name wrong. I guess someone told her that you spell it C-h-e-y-e-n-n-e. I think as she gets older she'll take the easy way out and spell it with a lower case A.
We almost put a hyphen in her name but I knew all the problems you've had so we thought just capitalizing it would be easier.