Sunday, November 23, 2008


Last night, after a lovely dinner out with Jeff, Doug called me to say Hayley was really sick. She had started to feel bad Thursday night (and we know it must have been BAD because she chose to stay home instead of see the premiere showing of "Twilight" which we had tickets to for weeks!). Friday she stayed home and slept all day. And Saturday she just got worse instead of better. Jeff and I stopped over at Doug's on our way home from dinner and decided she needed to go to the ER. So we all headed off (Hannah, Harrison and Arlie were, conveniently, at other places during this time!), and got to the ER around 9. She was taken in to a room within minutes and subjected to a strep test, flu test, chest x-ray, blood draw, and eventually, IV antibiotics. Turns out she has pneumonia AND the flu! The flu tests came back negative but we couldn't get a good sample, and both the doctor and nurse felt she had classic flu symptoms. Of course, the pneumonia showed up on the x-ray. After midnight, Jeff and I finally took her back to Doug's (he had to leave earlier to be home for the other kids), and put her to bed. Today, I have to fill her two antibiotic prescriptions and she's definitely not going to be doing much for the next few days. When we were leaving the hospital room, she suddenly got dizzy and nauseated and rested her head on a counter. Her legs suddenly buckled and we got her in a wheelchair, only to see her face as white as I've ever seen anyone's face! She was sweating, unresponsive, and then irritable. Totally different than she had been just minutes before. It scared me so bad! They said she had a "vagal" response to standing up and having her blood pressure be so low (85/43!) and she passed out for a minute. I decided to wait a little longer and have her blood pressure and pulse checked again before we headed home. The color finally returned to her face and she said she wanted to go home. They gave her an antinausea drug and sent her on her way. Needless to say, I've had an anxious night waiting to see how she's doing this morning because she's still at her dad's. I've never seen her so sick before, it was definitely pretty scary. I took some photos (much to her chagrin!) and will post them here for sympathy! :) My poor baby!


MAMMA said...

Poor Hayley!
It is that time of the year and I am glad I will miss this at the hospital (if there was ever a reason to be glad to NOT be at work)I am always amazed how the flu can knock an otherwise healthy person right off their feet! I really feel bad for the very small kids that come in. They always end up being our "guests" for a few days! I hope Hayley feels better, but tell her not to be surprised if she still feels "off" after even 2 weeks. One more reason to take advantage of the $10 flu shots from the health district!!
Love, Monica

Sydney said...

Poor baby! That is so scary! I remember when I was about 3 months pregnant I got pneumonia and I had the same thing happen where I passed out in the doctor's office. Soooo scary and yucky! But Stu was wonderful and took good care of me. And she missed Twilight! Poor thing. I love you Hayley, feel better!

Pitchin Princess said...

I hope she is feeling better today. What a bummer that she missed the movie.