Monday, November 24, 2008

Someone call child protective services!!!

Jeff took the screen out of Harrison's window this weekend so he could start installing Christmas lights. Harrison noticed this and decided to stick his head out the window. He came downstairs saying "it smells like a campfire outside and the sunset is so pretty - can we sit on the roof?" So, of course I said no but he wheedled and begged and said "not even with parental supervision?" I finally caved in and then said to all who could hear "if you want to sit on the roof, now's your chance!". So, Hannah and Arlie dashed at the chance and we ended up all four of us on the roof watching the sunset. Well, along comes the milkman, Ron, who saw us up there and decided to toss up some little chocolate milks! I was holding my camera in one hand so I missed all of them, but Harrison managed to scramble after his, Arlie caught hers, Hannah fumbled hers but finally got it and mine landed in the gutter! I scooted down the roof to retrieve it and we all drank chocolate milk, watched the sunset and waved at the perplexed neighbors as they drove by. The highlight of the roof sitting (almost an hour! And it was cold!), was waiting for Jeff to come home and then pelting his car with our empty milk containers! He got out of the car and said "is this good parenting?" I knew I was going to get in trouble! Ah well, sometimes even parents are naughty!


Sydney said...

You are such a cool Mom!!!! I am so down with roof sitting! What a great experience! We only ever got to go on the roof to help rip shingles off of it! :) Way to go!

Mimi/Papa said...

Third Rock from the Sun revisited! I have always wanted to do that!!! Glad you had fun...that's all that counts! Poor Hayley missed out...maybe another time....a could eat your turkey dinner out THAT would be different. Freak out all your nosy and busy-body neighbors!! LOL Mimi and Papa