Friday, November 14, 2008

Stupid YMCA!

So, this morning I slept in (such a rare treat) and woke up just in time to throw on my workout clothes and race to the Y to meet my friend Carla for Pilates. Well, I got there ten minutes early and missed the cut off of 25 people by ONE person! They wouldn't let me in (even though the person ahead of me went in over the 25 limit WITH her disabled son, I know this because she's Arlie's math tutor), and so I was screwed out of Pilates, even though I was early. I guess you have to be REALLY early to get into the class which begs the question - if you HAVE time to be early, wouldn't you just be better off using that time exercising at home, and not wasting gas running to the Y only to be rejected at the door? I resigned myself to the cardio room, but upon peeking through the glass realized it was very full and I didn't have my iPod or watch with me, thus no music or way to keep track of the time on the treadmill. I just said "screw it" and drove back home.

This is why belonging to a gym has never worked out for me. For one thing, I'm not a huge fan of group exercise, especially when you are in touching distance of your classmates and can barely move around. At my yoga class (which I love!) there is ample room and no crowding. Also, I have noticed that the gyms never offer classes when I can work out - you either have to fight the early morning or late evening crowds when everyone is off work, or you have the option of doing the cardio machines only because there are no classes offered in the middle of the day, or even early afternoon. It's just much easier and more convenient to work out on your own schedule at home. I pointed out to Jeff that for a one-year membership to the Y we could buy a really nice treadmill. Or an elliptical trainer. I mean, it's nice to belong to the Y for some reasons, like that the kids can work out there, but it's a lot of money to be rejected at the door for a Pilates class. I dunno.........with this crappy economy and cutting back, I wonder if joining the Y was the right decision for us.

Anyway, I'm so not motivated to work out now. In fact, I'd like to crawl back into bed. I woke up with a sore throat and the beginnings of a cold and could have kept sleeping for another hour! Grrr......not a great way to start the day!


Never Fear, Hannah is Here! said...

And you wonder why I dadn't want to join. Duh!

Sydney said...

For me, the elliptical was MORE than worth it.