Thursday, November 27, 2008

This is why it's called a "blade" of grass.......

So, Jeff took the little ones hunting again yesterday (and lest you think it's insane for him to take a 9 and 10 year old hunting, they actually saw a woman with a BABY in a frontpack out in the killing fields......OMG!), and this trip was even shorter than the last one. Not because they got their two bird limit, no. I received a call around 1:30 with a "where are you?" followed by a hesitant and weird voice from Jeff at which time all I could think of was "which one did you shoot!?". But he quickly said "don't worry, I didn't shoot anyone!" and proceeded to tell me that Arlie had cut her hand on........a blade of grass! Yes, you read that right, a BLADE of grass. Apparently she and Harrison were pulling grass as they walked along in the fields and (not wearing gloves this time - oops!), Arlie pulled on a blade that sliced right through the middle pad of her middle finger on her left hand (she's right handed - whew!). Anyway, Jeff saw that it was deep, and called the dr. office, which directed him to a nearby emergency clinic that was - closed! Yes, closed at 1:30 on a weekday. So, he was going to go to the ER, but I said "hell no, just take her into the dr. office and let her bleed on their floor and they will help her!" (I know, it almost makes you tear up how compassionate I am, right?). So, he did and I just happened to be getting off work and picking up Hannah at that time so I dropped her off at the orthodontist's office and went to the doctor's to see what was up. Well, it was one ugly and nasty cut (Arlie couldn't even look at it!) It really needed stitches but since it was on the middle pad of the finger, the dr. said she could forgo the stitches and keep a bandaid wrapped around it tightly for the next several days. So, a tetanus shot and a bandaid later (I wonder how much that bandaid will cost us?) she was fine and headed home, no worse for the wear. But that made three days in a row that one of the kids was at the doctor's office this week. Talk about frequent fliers!

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