Friday, November 7, 2008

Tub Tagging!

Proof that kids are never too old for toys! At my nanny job, I noticed these cool soap crayons in the tub. Myla loved playing with them and I thought they were so cool - it was addictive to draw pictures on the tub then scrub them off with the ducky sponge! I mentioned this to Julie, the mom, and the next day she arrived home with a set of the crayons for me to take home! I just knew the kids would love them (not that they needed any more reason to take hour long showers!) and I was right! I about died when I saw their tub after one night and four showers. The graffiti included insults to little brothers, confessions of unrequieted love, salutes to the new president-elect, and even a picture of the Chipmunk's butts! Wow, creativity knows no bounds. I'm going to buy a set for my shower. And Jeff better leave me love notes or else!

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Sydney said...

Your kids are AWESOME! Such creativity. And I am so jealous of your shower crayons... to think of the fun stuff I could do with them! Haha. So cool! I hope you guys keep enjoying them!