Thursday, November 20, 2008

Twice Insulted - Before 8 a.m.!

So, this morning someone knocked on our bedroom door (duh, it was obviously Arlie, the other three just barge in). Jeff said "what do you want?" and Arlie said "Is Mary-Leah in there?" Jeff said "Yes!" Arlie asked "Is she decent?" I was not even dressed yet, so Jeff said "No". Arlie then asked "How long till she's decent?" and Jeff took a good look at my (naked) self and said "Oh, a LONG time.......". Bastard! Then, he said "You can come in if you want to see Mary-Leah naked" to which Arlie replied "No thanks". Geesh. I feel so loved.


Pitchin Princess said...

I have a comment to post but since this is a family channel I'll keep it to myself. And no it wasn't an insult. Love ya.

MAMMA said...

Love, M2

Mimi/Papa said...

Your dad has always told me my "suit needs pressed" when he sees me sans clothing! He's a dick, huh?? And anyway, he's no Adonis either!!