Thursday, November 20, 2008

When Kids Grow Up!

Last night Jeff told Arlie "come here, I want to hold you like I did when you were a baby! I miss that." Arlie looked at him with a quizzical look on her face and reluctantly crawled into his lap. He adjusted her accordingly ("you used to always have your head on THIS arm") and held her like a baby. After a millisecond, Arlie said "This is really awkward. Can I get down now?" And that's how you know your baby's grown up. No more daddy lap! Sad!

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MAMMA said...

You just have to have the right kids.... Hayden will still try and sit on Davids lap if we are watching T.V. Last week both he and Maddison got in his lap and I guess the chair started creaking :-) Justine would sit in his lap until about 2 years ago and Maddy squished herself onto my lap yesterday while being careful not to get on the KNEE!!! I have such needy childern! :-) Thats what comes from never kicking them out of our bed - they think you are their "resting place"
hahahaha Love, M2
P.S. Tell Jeff I am training my friend to Geocache so I can ride in his car to the easy ones while my leg heals. His boys are excited to try it (they are 10 and 5)