Tuesday, November 25, 2008

You Say Redneck Like it's a Bad Thing!

Now, in every marriage there is compromise. For example, Jeff does the lion's share of the cooking but isn't the best "cleaner upper" as he cooks, hence soup splatters on the stovetop and crumbs left over on the table. But do I complain? No, because I appreciate his efforts. I, on the other hand, handle the lion's share of the paperwork in the house, but often leave piles of "to do" paperwork all over my desk. Does he complain? No, because he wants me to know he appreciates my effort (yeah, whatever, let's face it he doesn't even know I HAVE a desk!). But you get my point. We all make compromises in a marriage because, well, it's necessary. And sometimes we go over the top and allow appalling things to slide by just because we love our spouse THAT MUCH! Case in point - last weekend we stopped by the local hardware store to pick up some Christmas lights. I stayed in the car while Jeff "ran in". Several minutes later, he returned with boxes of Christmas lights and a grin on his face. I soon learned the source of that grin when he proudly held up a bag containing..........Christmas lights fashioned out of used shotgun shells! Now, I had to stifle my grin because they WERE funny, and you know, he's just a redneck at heart. But get this, I am such a wonderful wife, that I actually ALLOWED him to hang these atrocities in my kitchen for all to see (but only for the Christmas season - he was bargaining for leaving them up all year!). What's next - an antler chandelier? (Don't get any ideas, honey!). Enjoy!


jeff said...

Thanks again. You're a great wife! And I ALWAYS clean up my kitchen after cooking. Ha!

MAMMA said...

I vote for all year lighting with these re-neck de-lights. But they would have to go in the garage! :-)
Like you said - its a compromise!

P.S. I would wipe up crumbs and splatters every day if I could get someone else to cook just ONE meal a week! Cooking on one leg SUCKS!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Be CAREFUL with your words. Remember where you blood is from!!! It doesn't get anymore REDNECK at heart than Glouster!!! Next up: Jeff will be asking to move to Glouster....so watch yourself! hahah.
The antler chandaliers would be a nice addition to your living room. I approve!

Mimi/Papa said...

If Jeff has as much trouble with hunting (like, getting any game at all) as you say he does, I wouldn't alter your interior design just now in anticipation of that "antler" chandlier!! Although it might look cool in your entry way over the wooden floors!! And antlers can handle all sorts of decorations during any season...maybe a place for those ammo lights?? haha
Love you...Mom and Dad

Sydney said...

Oh yeah, I totally support the antler ideas. In fact, you guys don't use your sitting room that often, right? Just move the lights in there and it can become a redneck haven for company's first impression as they walk in! Brilliant!