Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ahoy, Mateys!

There's a new pirate ship at the playground at Country Village! Harrison and Arlie were so excited to go see it and play on it, and so off we went, despite the fact that it was dark, on Friday night. It turned out to be WAY cooler than we expected. It has a cannon, a plank, a real ship's wheel, a crow's nest, the Jolly Roger, and even a crocodile! I don't know who built it but it's very cleverly done and kept Arlie and Harrison entertained for over an hour until I was freezing and said we had to go! There is a "hull" to the ship, too, with a sandbox area inside. When Harrison was about to go in (and it was very dark in there), he was scared by the fake rat (which, in the dark, looked pretty real!). I think this will be one of our new favorite spots to go play!

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