Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cabin Fever!

It snowed all day today. We have probably close to ten inches now and it's still snowing! Wow. It's kind of a big deal around here, although the news coverage of it borders on hysterical. Reports of how much snow, what kind of snow (light, packable, "snowball" snow), how fast it's snowing, etc. make the rounds as well as amusing coverage of cars sliding down city streets.

Sledding apparently has a two-day appeal. After that, not so much. The kids barely made it outside yesterday and today only after Jeff had built a fire in the fire pit in the driveway and lured them outdoors with promise of a fire to warm up to (and hot cocoa). Then they did play outside, building a fort and a snow slide and doing a little sledding. And we got to break up the monotony by having a potluck - if you can call it that with only two families! Janet and Dan and family braved the elements but everyone else bailed (I can't really blame them, I wouldn't want to drive in this crap, but then Janet mentioned that they chained up their van and I thought, well, DUH, we all should have done that! HA!). But it was nice to have them over and we had a ton of food anyway. The kids all had a good time and Hayley ended up at their house while Natalie stayed here. So, tomorrow we'll all have to venture out in the crazy snow (who knows how much more we'll get?) to trade kids.

I'll post more photos tomorrow! But suffice it to say we're all getting a little cabin fever around here!


Sydney said...

Huh. I'm actually kinda jealous!

MAMMA said...

I have been stuck in my house for 10 weeks! I understand cabin fever!! My kids have been digging snow caves for 2 days and they are now a maze that extends from the edge of the driveway all through the area where Justine parks her car - they are cool, but I'm afraid they will collapse and someone will get stuck inside and we won't know until the end of the day - they can only play in them in teams! (Hayden called me Survivormom) Justine rounded everyone up last night at 11:00pm and they went to slide down our street and play in the snow. :-)
Fun times!!
Love, M2
p.s. we got another 4 inches last night