Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dan Zanes Holiday House Party!

Jeff surprised us with tickets to the Dan Zanes Holiday House Party. We had never heard of this guy, but apparently he's an entertainer and has put out several CDs for kids. He had a mini show on one of the radio stations we listen to, and Jeff was intrigued enough to buy tickets for the whole family to see the show. It was so worth it! This show was amazing - a multicultural celebration of the holidays. The premise is that Dan Zanes is stuck at his house during a blizzard and his friends stop by and it turns into a jam session and party. There were so many instruments featured - guitar, banjo, trumpet, piccolo, violin, electric violin, drums, mandolin, and many instruments we didn't even know about. There was singing in English, Hebrew, Arabic, Korean, and Spanish. There was dancing - belly dancing, Indian dancing, and, my favorite, tap dancing! One number featured "Deck the Halls" and the "fa-la-la" part was tapped out by a famous tap dancer and a little girl about age 8 or 9 who was amazing. There was African dancing, a trio of Mexican musicians and singers, and shadow puppetry. There was a lot of audience participation, too, singing and dancing. It was just a really entertaining show. Their next stop is Broadway! Oh, and the best part - after the show, the whole cast gathers out in the lobby to talk to kids, sign autographs, etc. Just very casual and fun. We had a great time!

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Mimi/Papa said...

All the Christmas pictures are very cute and great color...they all look happy and getting into the swing of the season! Keep posting while we are gone so we can see all you do during the holiday. Love you all...Mimi