Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Freaking cold and doctor's appointments

It is freaking cold here. Right now it's 22 degrees and not expected to get much warmer as the week goes on. In fact, we are expecting more snow this week. Which is cool for the kids, I guess, as they are practically on bended knee praying for a snow day (why? They are about to get something like 12 days off school for the holiday break). All I know is we are not prepared for this kind of cold here. The kids have barely passable winter coats and thin knit gloves! Unless we break out the ski gear, which might just have to happen pretty soon.

Yesterday was another big ole Gordon/Moore cluster f**k! I know, I should not swear in my blogs, even in "code", but I find it wonderfully stress-relieving. So, I enjoyed the first part of the day having lunch with my wonderful friends and neighbors Amy and Carla. These two are such great friends to me and our family and it was really nice to get to spend our "girl time" together. They showered me with gifts and we had a nice, long chat. I got home just in time for Hayley to arrive, then shortly thereafter, Hannah. At which point I got a call from the school nurse saying Arlie had a migraine. It was almost the end of her school day, but I decided to go pick her up, knowing how absolutely miserable that poor child is when she gets these migraines. So, I took the girls and went to pick up Harrison and Arlie. Then, I headed to another spot to pick up Bradee, a friend who was coming over for a "playdate" (keep reading, it was the suckiest playdate of the century).

We had previously scheduled doctor appointments for the girls - Hayley for her follow up x-ray to check that her pneumonia was cleared up, and Hannah because she hurt her wrist last week and it wasn't getting better. Well, since I had Arlie with me as well, and since she was so sick, I managed to get her an appointment as well. So, off the kids go to see three different doctors in the same practice. I had to send the girls on their appointments alone since I needed to accompany Arlie to hers. (Follow up - Hayley is better, Hannah had a sprained wrist). Arlie, on the other hand, was getting sicker and actually got sick while waiting for the doctor. In the end, he sent us to the hospital to have a CT scan of her head, since it was the worst headache of her life. The scan was normal. Poor kid got sick again at the hospital so now we don't know if it was migraine related or some other sickness. But she came home and went promptly to sleep. I'm guessing no school for her today!

In the meantime, Jeff had arrived at the doctor towards the end of our visit, for his own previously scheduled appointment. And Doug arrived to pick up Harrison. So, it was a big ole family affair. And Bradee? Her playdate consisted of doing homework in the waiting room. Bet she can't wait to repeat a playdate with our family!

Also, we totally forgot that we were supposed to babysit a neighbor kid. This 9 year old arrived at our house after school and no one was there! Luckily he went to another neighbor's house, but how bad is that? We forgot a child? Bet his mom can't wait to have us babysit again! (Sorry, Isak!).

What a day. But really, no different than our usual chaos. Just different locations.


Pitchin Princess said...

Wow, what an afternoon. I hope Arlie is feeling better today, migraines suck, especially at such a young age. Hope the kids get their snow day. We have a winter advisory for today but they keep changing it so who knows if it will snow or not.

Tonya said...

Sounds like a red letter day! I also have been known to throw-up because of migraines, so you can tell Arlie she is not alone and I feel for her. Nothing adds insult to injury quite like that!
At least you had a nice outing (I'm assuming B-day celebration?) before chaos reigned supreme! Have a very happy birthday tomorrow!! When are we going to celebrate it?

Pitchin Princess said...

Just popping on to wish you a Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope you have a great one.