Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Harrison Funny!

Last night we were at a Christmas party where they played the game in which you have a sticker affixed to your back and have to ask guests yes and no questions in order to figure out who or what you are. Well, all of the stickers had a holiday theme. Harrison first got "ribbon" and figured that out pretty fast. Then, he got "Fruit Cake". Well, having never had fruitcake, nor really knowing its significance to Christmas, he was stumped. Finally we started giving him hints, including telling him the first letter of each word. He thought, hmmm......"F" and "C", then looked toward the bar and shouted "Free Cocktails!"


Sydney said...

Way better than fruitcake!

MAMMA said...

You GO Harrison!! I like the free cocktails better too!
Love, M2