Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hurry Up and "Do Christmas"!

In an effort to cram all the festivities of the season into our already hectic lives, we've been squeezing in some "quality time" every night with mixed results. For example, tonight was art class and gymnastics. So, the latest of us arrived home at nearly 7 p.m. Thankfully Jeff had dinner on the table (go Jeff!) because we were starving. During dinner I realized that we might not get an opportunity to do Christmas card photos for several days if I didn't do it tonight so I instructed the kids to get lovely after dinner and we tossed around a few ideas. Everyone had their own thoughts, but in the end, Hayley's idea won and will appear on our Christmas card. But let me tell you, I'd rather poke my eyes out with a hot fork than take pictures of my kids in a "staged" photo. Every year it's hell and every year I do it over again! What the hell am I thinking? One year (pre-digital) I put my kids through a 36 exposure roll of film, developed it at a one hour photo, hated all the shots, took them home, made them do it all over again with a 24 exposure roll, developed that one, hated those too (by this time Harrison was beside himself and crying so it was really hard to get a good shot). I finally took a 12 exposure roll and decided come hell or high water, one of those would be the Christmas card photo. In the end, I had a marginal photo and Harrison had a fever. Poor baby was sick the whole time and I forced him into a photo session that lasted hours! So, I've eased up a BIT since then, but I still like to have a nice photo. Which is next to impossible to get with my kids bickering, hitting, poking, and otherwise bugging each other (ahem, Hayley and Harrison). Let's just say two of them are great to work with and the other two are impossible. At any rate, we got a cute shot and it's different and fun. And I'll leave you with some of the other photos we got this evening that didn't make the cut!

Oh, and we also decorated the Christmas tree and watched "Frosty the Snowman" while eating cookies (sort of marathon style.........whew!). I know we need to s-l-o-w down and enjoy the season, but with limited time with the kids (sharing them with their other parents) it's hard not to try and fit everything in. But we've gotten some things done.......lights on house, check!Christmas tree decorated, check! Christmas cookies baked, check! Exhausting photo session with pre-teen and teenagers who act like toddlers, check! I'm going to bed now............

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jeff said...

Don't you think its time to talk to someone about your obsession for the "perfect picture?" :)