Wednesday, December 24, 2008


So, every Christmas season we get another opportunity to teach our children how horrible some of mankind is through having to explain the theft of yet another lawn ornament! We go all out for Christmas when we decorate, so we have a lot of "things" on the lawn, etc. Well, a couple of years ago, someone stole an animated baby deer figurine we had. The kids were devastated and couldn't believe anyone would do such a thing. Tonight a group of teenage girls stole our "Please Stop Santa" sign (see the sidebar for a photo). My neighbor actually witnessed this but couldn't get out of the house fast enough (good thing for them, too, because he's sort of a Rambo-wannabe and would have popped a cap in their asses for sure!). Anyway, how sad that people are so bored, or so stupid, or just so evil that they would take something from someone's lawn and not think there might be children who would be disappointed. Guess the Christmas spirit doesn't reach everyone! May their stockings be filled with coal, may they get a bad rash in a spot they can't itch and may they get "It's a Small World" stuck in their heads till the end of time! Bah humbug!

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