Monday, January 19, 2009

Bark Barf - or Bad Dog, Shade - Part ??

So yesterday Shade decided to "deliver" a large amount of what was essentially bark onto the family room floor. This dog is such a pain in the a$$. He will eat literally ANYTHING. Among our many happy finds - an entire box of staples, an entire bag of rubber bands (these arrived post-digestion in a perfectly formed, absolutely dry ball - amazing!), cedar siding, truck wiring, Pixos plastic beads, a variety of lip glosses, a tube of toothpaste, bedding, and paper. He has never been to the vet for any of these transgressions - everything passes through uneventfully (and we get to clean up the results!). Jeff talked this morning about getting his mouth wired shut. I suggested maybe he had pica - a strange disorder that causes people to eat non-food things due to iron or zinc deficiency. Jeff reminded me that his escapades run to food products as well. Like last night - he was in our bedroom and the girls opened the door for mere seconds, and that sneakly little criminal slipped out without a sound and was downstairs eating cake off a plate at the table in seconds! I found the overturned plate, fork and crumbs this morning as evidence. BAD DOG SHADE!

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