Friday, January 23, 2009

Fort Worth, TX

Jeff and I are in Fort Worth, TX for the weekend. He's attending a leadership training for the American Chemical Society as chair-elect for the Puget Sound region. We arrived around 2:30 to our hotel only to find our room was delayed - by two hours! Jeff went to his meetings while I enjoyed Starbucks and some Facebook time in the lobby. Tonight he had a dinner to attend so I chose to eat dinner in the restaurant by myself. Honestly, I think this is the only time I've ever eaten in a restaurant by myself! It was fine - I got the buffet and read my book, so I was pretty oblivious to everything around me. I even had a Cosmopolitan. But drinking alone is no fun! Anyway, we are here for the weekend and tomorrow I plan to go explore Fort Worth (as far as I can get on foot!), perhaps get a pedicure or massage at the spa, and do some shopping. This hotel just opened up five days ago so the pool and hot tub are not open yet - lame! But the workout room and spa are up and running and it's a very nice hotel. So, I'm enjoying a weekend away, even if I am just blogging in a new place!

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Mimi/Papa said...

Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself in FT. Worth! Remember that time we were in Houston for six hours and going to that mall for shopping?? haha...When do you go back home? We are looking forward to our visit in February! It will be a short time, but it will be good to see you and the kids. We need to hear all the music the kids are now playing - piano, violin, guitar, etc. - so tell them to practice a little before we get there! haha Love you and have fun for the weekend! Hugs to Jeff! Mom and Dad