Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's Just Me............

I realized today that I have a really huge pet peeve about people saying "Oh, hi, it's just me" when they leave a message on your phone. What? It's "just me"? That's like saying "Oh, hi, it's me, that insignificant speck you ignore all the time and probably won't call back anyway so I'm not even sure why I'm leaving you a message." I mean, what does that say about a person who says it's "just me." Hey! I'm excited you called and I want to call you back right away! And I might even be interested in the message you are about to leave. When I leave a message, I say "It's me!" Sometimes I don't even identify myself. After all, it's ME. Duh. You should know who ME is and if you don't, well then, I guess I really am a "just me" to you and so be it. But I like to say "It's me!" like "Wow! You are the grand prize winner! You have received a call from ME today! Please accept this lovely parting message as a token of my appreciation of you!"

Is that conceited? I don't know. But I'd talk to me! I'd return my messages too.

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