Friday, January 30, 2009

Men and their underpants!

So, last weekend while in Ft. Worth during a break in the meetings, Jeff came up to the hotel room and complained about his undershirt. He said "I hate how it bunches up around my waist when I'm walking, and my shirt is still tucked in." I immediately thought of an image burned into my mind - my dad walking around his room, getting ready for yet another business trip, with his always-present Fruit of the Loom white undershirt tucked into his requisite Fruit of the Loom whitey-tighty underwear! So, I suggested that Jeff do the same. Problem solved! Well, today, on his way to yet another business trip, he said "you know, that undershirt tucked into the underwear trick is the best thing since sliced bread!" He had been dealing with this "problem" for years and wow, his highly intelligent wife came up with an ingenious solution! I said "well, Jeff, you're 40 years old now and you finally learned to dress like a man!" He also said he remembered once when he bought his first suit, the salesman might have mentioned this "trick" but "he used a foreign word or something!" I said "like, 'briefs'?" to which Jeff replied "Yeah! That was the word!" Foreign, indeed.


Never Fear, Hannah is Here! said...

HAHA!!! Briefs IS a foreign word to hobbits! so you can't blame him!

Mimi/Papa said...

Tell me I have to remind Jeff to tuck his shirts into the underwear?? This is one way your dad became so "hunchbacked"...he tucks it so tightly into the front of his pants that the back (his back) only has one way to go...hunched over! I try to get him to "lighten" it up a little, but he claims he thinks it looks stupid having all that extra shirt in front. So, I just have begun to look at him as if he just painted on the front part of his shirt...if only he could see the back of himself! The back looks so comfy and the front so tight and uncomfortable...oh well, not my way of dressing him! Then..he complains when his "undershirt - (aka: t-shirt) shows out from under the neck of his outer shirt...he's got it so pulled and tucked into the front of his pants, it makes the undershirt show...DUH, Bill...LOOSEN IT UP A BIT, DUDE! But no...he's set in his style of fashion...good luck to Jeff!!

Sydney said...

I had to read this out loud to Stu and we both got a good laugh out of it! So good! Lol