Friday, January 9, 2009

Spaghetti and retainers.........

We went to Spaghetti Factory for Harrison's birthday dinner. Harrison was especially pleased with his candle-topped spumoni after dinner, the singing and seeing one of his teachers at the restaurant! After dinner, Jeff got the crazy idea to smuggle our leftover bread out in the hoods of Arlie's and Harrison's sweatshirts! It was hysterical and the kids thought they were being so "bad". All the way home Arlie kept asking "was that stealing?" I explained that we already paid for it, we just took it home in unconvential form! We tried to feed it to Charlie, but apparently His Royal Highness doesn't like sourdough.

Immediately upon arriving home, Hayley had that sudden, dreadful gasp that says "uh-oh, you're not gonna like this!". She had left her retainer wrapped in a napkin on the table! Her $600 retainer. In a napkin. Exactly the place she's been told a hundred times by both her orthodontist and her parents NOT TO EVER PUT A RETAINER! We called the restaurant but they couldn't find it. So, Doug and Hayley drove back and decided to search for it (I tossed in some disposable latex gloves!). In the first bus bin she looked (alerted by a birthday candle in the bin!) she FOUND IT! A miracle, considering it was at least a half hour later, the restaurant was full on a Friday night, and the bus bins simply hadn't been emptied into the larger (and grosser) garbage yet. She is SO lucky. Doug suggested she buy a lottery ticket (if only she were old enough!).

The unexpected departure of Hayley and Doug gave Harrison an opportunity to shoot his new BB gun. What a blast! I tried it, and so did Hannah. Arlie was terrified to try it, and when we finally convinced her she was trembling! But she managed to pull off a perfect shot, hitting the target. Annie Oakley!

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jeff said...

Your description of our evening out was halarious! Hayley was sooooooooooo lucky - she has no idea. I was imagining what is was like from my expereinces at the Spaghetti Station - thank God for lazy and slow dish washers:)