Monday, January 26, 2009

Thank a Soldier!!!

We flew home from Ft. Worth yesterday and unfortunately, we didn't have seats together. We had two middle seats, one in front of the other. So, I was bummed, but figured, oh well, that's how it goes. A nice lady sat in the window seat next to me and a soldier sat in the aisle seat. Turns out, he was coming home (to Richland, WA) from Iraq. He had flown to Kuwait, to Germany, to Georgia, to Ft. Worth, then Seattle, then Richland. So, this poor guy was probably on a plane for the last 30 hours! In fatigues and boots. Didn't look so comfortable. But he was so nice, talking about his family and renewing his vows with his wife. When he noticed me asking Jeff over my shoulder for my book, he offered to switch seats. I said "oh, you don't want to spend the whole flight sitting in the middle do you?" and he said "not really, but I'd also rather be sitting by my spouse" and proceeded to switch with Jeff! What a great guy! He was willing to give up a comfy aisle seat to sit in the middle for four more hours. And all I could do was say thanks.

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Hayley said...

Yay for soldiers! :)
Oh my gosh you know how people have those shirts that say "Have you hugged someone today?" You should make a "Have you thanked an soldier today?" one!