Friday, January 9, 2009

You'll shoot your eye out, kid!

Harrison turned 10 at 6:25 a.m. this morning (we actually counted down to the minute!). He opened his presents consisting of such cool things as Magic Rocks, his own set of Walkie-Talkies and his requested breakfast of Monkey Bread! But the crowning moment came when the presents were opened and Harrison was basking in the glow of birthday goodness and Jeff said "wait, what's this?" producing a long, wrapped package from behind the curtains. The minute Harrison saw it, he KNEW what it was and began tearing into it as soon as he got his hands on it, all the while exclaiming "I love you!". Yes, an authentic Daisy Red Ryder BB gun. Just like in "A Christmas Story". Harrison immediately proclaimed it "Old Blue" and set to aiming and pretending to fire it. Never saw a boy so happy! Here are the pictures to prove it.


jeff said...

That is awesome! I'm so happy we were able to create such wonderful memories and you are awesome to document them so well.

MAMMA said...

Maddy wants a BB gun too, and Hayden got one last summer, so maybe we will all have eye-less kids! Remember to tell him that ANYTHING HE KILLS WITH IT HE HAS TO SKIN, DE-FEATHER AND EAT! That will keep him from shooting the backyard birds! :-)
Love, M2