Thursday, February 5, 2009

Breaking News!

While cleaning the garage this afternoon I came upon a most disturbing sight! A bag, cinched at the top containing - what? Something lumpy and unidentifiable! Upon closer inspection, I realized the "bag" was, in fact, a pink pillowcase cinched tight with a very stylish black and hot pink "D" ring belt! I carefully worked it open only to discover a most horrific sight! Spongebob Squarepants, stuffed callously inside this pink cotton tomb! He did not appear to be breathing, in fact his lifeless body was limp and unresponsive. Who could have done such a thing? Of course, I attempted CPR to no avail. I also discovered that this poor absorbent creature was HANDCUFFED! What kind of hardened criminal handcuffs a children's cartoon character? Not wanting to disturb the crime scene further I inspected the area. I found a bag containing suspicious items - a plastic gun, a locked treasure chest filled with money, spy gear, clothing and a long, red wig! Clearly someone was planning a getaway in disguise! Local authorities investigated but no motive was found. Was it for love or money? Only Spongebob knows. And he is forever silenced...........

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Mimi/Papa said...

Sponge Bob met up with his own demise and one that many parents/grandparents are very happy about...what a disgusting cartoon character! Although I regret that "someone" has died in vain, the question in our minds is WHO could have done this and WHAT was their intention? This is a case for a shrink somewhere in the Bothell area, for sure! LOL Sponge pathetic...we can't quit laughing!
Love you nutty guys in Seattle! Jeff will be home tomorrow to help the local investigation officers find a clue as to whom could have done such a thing! We have our thoughts on this, but will remain non-commital until the guilty party is found!

Mimi and Papa, con amore

This cannot be a "Shade" incident, could it? He can eat chocolate from the foil wrappers, so maybe he also knows how to tie a knot!!